Damned Grammar Nazi!

I love to write, but I get so caught up making sure it’s grammatically correct that I spend more time analyzing what I’ve written than actually writing anything. Well, screw the Grammar Nazi! My gut has been prodding me to start a blog for a long time, so I’m biting the bullet and doing just that.

Did I mention that I was a little afraid? I am. I didn’t realize it until today, though. I thought the procrastination was just me being lazy. Since I haven’t had a chance to really marinate on it yet, I’m going to table the “fear” subject until later. In the meantime, screw fear!! That’s what Jen Sincero would say.


When I think about everything I want to say, the possibilities are endless, which is why I chose to name my blog “Stephanie’s Ramblings.” My mind is constantly thinking about things I want to say or discuss with others, and the topics are so varied that engaging in a conversation with me is like mountain river rafting –  it’s fluid, fast-flowing and sometimes frustrating. If anything, this post is a way for me to extricate the overflow in my head so that I can sleep better at night.

(The Grammar Nazi is already hounding me, and I’ve just started.)

 Let’s Do This!

Okay, it’s time to save this baby and start posting blogs that actually have substance. Ha!