I love the fact that last night’s Presidential Debate included the final question: ‘Can you name one positive thing you respect in one another?‘ What a great way to end one of the most disgusting, time-wasting television events in modern history! What the person was really asking was, “Where’s the love?”

Domestic Violence – WHAT?

I don’t have a lot of knowledge about Presidential debates because I’ve only seen a handful in my life. Judge me if you will but any sense of guilt that I’ve felt in the past for not being more of a participant in our country’s political affairs has abated significantly since the first two Trump-Clinton debates.

I didn’t grow up in a household with parents who fought, but I can imagine what it would have been like after watching the debates – TERRIFYING!

If I had seen my dad lurking over my mother like “the Donald” did with Hillary, I might have defied Dad’s strict rules about messing with the guns in the house and shot him out of fear that he was going to kill my mother.

What about Hillary? Is she innocent in this scenario? Nope. Her smug look and unnerving, affected laughter betrayed complicity in activities I’m afraid to even think about.

There is NO REASON why our country’s Presidential Debate should look like an episode of The Jerry Springer show. It’s embarrassing, it’s inciting more divisiveness in our country and it’s delighting our enemies throughout the world.

Damn It!

Yep, even thoughtful, intelligent people are lashing out at each other. Last night I had to delete one of my FB posts because friends got personal and abusive in their responses. I didn’t like that. As a matter of fact, I’m pissed that this Presidential election year has incited so much rage among all of us!

Here’s the kicker – we did it to ourselves. There are so many wonderful, brilliant people in our country and we had to nominate two who have ugly, ugly histories of abuse and negligence, and whose characters are beyond deplorable.

We are responsible for last night’s embarrassment. The bad behavior of T and C is provoking bad behavior in us and we let it happen. Guess what? The world is watching us fall apart and we are responsible, damn it!

So, Where’s the “L”?

There is no “L” between T and C. There is hate. There is abuse. There is visible disgust between two people who our country nominated to be the next leader of the world’s greatest super power. Wow!

I’m out of words.