Self Awareness

A dangerous byproduct of honest self-awareness is the clear understanding and reluctant acceptance that you will never be good enough. Today, I’m thankful for the unconditional, incomprehensible, divine LOVE that sustains me.


If you exist, you are different. Who you are as an individual, your family culture (unique for each child, by the way), your genetic makeup… All of the aforementioned characteristics make you one of a kind, and I didn’t even point out the obvious differences that we use to hurt and abase each other. LOVE is the brush that blends our colors into the beautiful painting we call humanity. HATE is the ragged fringe around the canvas that threatens to tear us all apart.

We cannot change the past, but every day gives us a unique opportunity to impact the future. Will we suffer in our fear and anger or will we sow peace and progress? Will we lash out at our fellow humans or will we work with them, side by side, to build a better future? CHOICE is a precious gift. VOICE is a right. PEACE is choosing to speak (and act) in love. 

I love jigsaw puzzles! Once I complete the border, my very linear, analytical brain faces the daunting challenge of working with shape and color patterns. Today, I’m thankful for challenges that nudge me out of my comfort zone. Unlike jigsaw puzzles, life’s challenges may not always result in a pristine, finished product, but they always teach me a lesson whether I want them to or not. You see, it’s in the discomfort of self-awareness that we grow into better versions of ourselves.

The Christmas Spirit isn’t something that just magically appears one day and then magically disappears the next. It’s not a thing, it’s a lifestyle. It’s opening the door for someone without even thinking about it. It’s about refusing to let the pregnant woman in front of you leave the store without all of her groceries because she can’t pay the bill. It’s about smiling at strangers, making silly faces at children and offering to buy food for the homeless person who’d prefer the cash (cash is never a good idea). The Christmas Spirit is about having faith and hope that love does conquer all. It does, by the way, but you’ll never know unless you live it.